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The firm's trust and estate practice lawyers offer our clients extensive experience in all aspects of inheritance and individual gift tax. You've come to the right place. If you want to structure the inheritance of your heirs, a trust lawyer can help. Even if your trust is simple, you should consider talking to an attorney.

An attorney can review the trust you created or advise you on laws that are specific to your state. There is no legal requirement that a lawyer draw up a will or trust. However, there is a lot of misleading information and myths surrounding this area. Lawyers have the training and experience to properly advise a person.

Using do-it-yourself forms is unwise. They are usually generic and only a qualified professional can draft documents that meet your needs and comply with state and federal laws. People with basic properties (such as a house, car, bank accounts, and jewelry, for example), as well as people with more complex properties (including investment real estate, business, and second homes, for example), can use living trusts for the benefit of their family. A living trust is a trust created during life to save tax money or establish a long-term way to manage property.

Then, to make it effective, use a standard deed or transfer document to transfer ownership of the trust into the trust's name, depending on the terms of the trust. While it is possible to write your own trust, a trust lawyer will go beyond the basics and delve into your unique situation to help you start thinking about how you want your estate divided, who you want to receive it, and on what timeframe you want it distributed. It can provide continuity in the administration of trust assets and is more advantageous than powers of attorney or guardianship. Contact a local estate planning attorney to learn how they can help you address your living trust concerns.

The term fiduciary lawyer does not refer to an attorney who is trustworthy (although this is an important characteristic that you should have in your lawyer). To find a trusted, honest and reputable lawyer in Denver, contact the estate planning lawyers at Brown %26 Crona, LLC. We advise individual and institutional trustees on matters related to trust administration, and we review and prepare trust accounts and fiduciary statements. You don't need an attorney to make a basic trust, but you'll need to know how to form a trust on your own.

Trust lawyers can help you manage your assets by placing properties in trusts for purposes such as reducing estate taxes, avoiding probate and dictating how heirs obtain assets. As part of an estate planning consultation, the attorneys at Brown Paindiris %26 Scott, LLP, can help you understand, plan and establish a living trust that fits your needs and those of your family.

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